Sunday, January 26, 2014

WEEK 5 READINGS: February 2nd Class

Day 1:
  • Genesis 37    Joseph's dreams
    • Gen 37:1-17
      • What reasons did Joseph's brothers have for hating him?
        • Were their reasons under or out of Joseph's control?
      • How did the brothers hatred escalate from vs. 4 to 18 to 27?
      • Do you think the plot to kill Joseph could have begun as a joke among brothers?  What do you imagine them saying as they saw Joseph approaching?
    • Gen 37:18-36
      • If Jacob was to love/favor any one of his sons over the others, it should have been his first born. Reuben (the eldest) means "See, a son!" 
        • Leah hoped that Jacob would lover her since she had borne him his first son. 
        • Do you think part of Reuben's motivation for planning to secretly save Joseph could have mirrored the meaning of his name.  In that Reuben could return Joseph to Jacob, saying "See, a son!  ... Now my [father] will love me." (Gen 29:32, Amp)
      • How did Reuben and Jacob show their grief at the loss of Joseph?
        • Note:  This is the first time we've seen this specific reaction to grief in the Bible, but it will become the norm as we continue our study.
  • Genesis 38    Judah & Tamar
    • Gen 38:1-23
      • In verse 1, we learn that Judah "went to lodge with a certain Adullamite named Hirah." 
        • Why do you think Judah left his family?
        • Seeing the Adullamite pop up throughout the story of Judah and Tamar, what impression do you get about the kind of influence he was on Judah?
    • Gen 38:24-26
      • How does Judah's initial reaction go with Matthew 7:1-6?
      • Are you surprised by Judah's secondary reaction (i.e. after Tamar's revelation)?
  • Matthew 15    Jesus speaks about inner purity.  He heals many people and miraculously feeds 4000.
    • Matt 15:6-9
      • What was Jesus' complaint against Pharisees?
        • Do you see that in your own life?
        • Let's be brave enough to ask God to show us the areas of our spiritual life that are more about tradition than about Jesus.
    • Matt 15:21-28
      • This passage can make us uncomfortable.  It doesn't have that kind, welcoming tone that we associate with Jesus, but let's look a little deeper.
        • Like the girl's mother, are you willing to be called a sinner ... if acknowledging that would bring God's blessing?
Day 2:
  • Genesis 39-40    
  • Matthew 16    
Day 3:
  • Genesis 41    
  • Psalm 40    
  • Matthew 17    

Day 4:
  • Genesis 42    
  • Matthew 18    
Day 5:
  • Genesis 43-44    
  • Matthew 19    

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