Friday, October 12, 2012

Take on the Day!

What do you need to start your day?  That thing that those you live with don’t want to talk to you until you’ve done it.  You would be late for work just to fit it in because you feel physically ill without it.  Maybe it’s a shower?  Coffee?  The newspaper?  Exercise?  For me I absolutely LOVE my breakfast routine.  I wake up hungry, and I can’t think of anything else until I’m fed. 
Monday morning as I was going through my regular breakfast routine, a commercial caught my attention – which I suppose is the point of commercials.  Go ahead and view it (just 30 seconds long).

I completely identified with the girl sitting at her kitchen table (again the genius of commercials), but my orange juice (as much as I love it) can’t prepare me to take on the day.  What can is the thing sitting right beside it on my kitchen table – God’s Word.  It is AMAZING how many times a Scripture I read during my regular morning quiet time was EXACTLY what I needed later in the day – when faced with a decision, in conversation with a friend/student/stranger, etc.

In thinking about the commercial, I realized that, for me, waking up hungry goes beyond my morning breakfast; it’s a hunger from deep within that nothing can satisfy except for time with God ­– in prayer and in His Word.  Take on the Day?  Yes!  Just don’t be fooled into thinking a glass of orange juice is all you need.

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  1. Funny you should say this ... Mike's message this morning spoke to that hunger that you feel ... I'm glad that we are getting fed but even more so I'm glad that we have leaders like you that are still hunger in the morning for more than just juice!